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Backing Trax


These Backing Tracks are all new. They were made using real guitars.

I started playing guitar in the mid 1950's. I went under the name of Hank Martin. Then along came Cliff Richards and the Drifters as they were originally known. I quite liked Cliff, but was fascinated by Hank Marvin and his stage name being so close to mine, (I'm 6 months older than him). A few people said he had copied my name, but who cares. He made it big time. I didn't. He deserved it.

I followed the Shadows and Hank through to the beginning of the 1970's and then for a variety of reasons; one of them because I emigrated from the UK; I stopped playing.

In the beginning of the 1990's we came back to Europe and I picked up my guitar again. I started buying UBHank Backing Tracks and Shadows Workout. I wanted to be able to play the music that I had loved when I was younger and for a while, I tried to sound as much like the original Hank as I could.

Then I realized. back in the 1950's and 1960's we were constrained with the type of equipment we could buy - tape driven echo, valve amps, no effects processors of real note. I met one musician who was still playing in a band, who was so obsessed with being able to play exactly like the old Shadows, that he spent hours trying to get the EXACT tap of the Shad's original echo for each different song. Do you think that people attending a dance or a concert actually listen to the subtle nuances of the sound?

I decided that there is an awful lot of tunes, from back then and from recent times, that would probably sound just as good played on a guitar as they would sound with a singer. I also realized that with all the modern Amps, Effects Processors and equipment that we should try to utilize them as much as possible.

My Backing tracks are MY interpretation of the song. I'm not trying to make them exactly like any other player. Every person has (or should have) his own style and should interpret the missing guitar parts to suit HIS style and not someone else's. It's for this reason that I've put in no bends, swells, slides etc in the notation. The notation is the basic notes. What YOU do with them is entirely up to you. I also haven't made any real effort to play the Demo parts in most cases. I tried to play them note for note as the score. They are to give you some idea of what the song sounds like, played with a guitar. In most cases the purpose of the Demos are to showcase the BACKING TRACK rather than my playing. I hope that you can play them much better.

 The fingering in the Tabs is what the computer thinks that they should be. Everyone should play as they feel the most comfortable, not just what the Tab / Score thinks it should be. Better still, play from the notation. Tabs are the lazy guitarists' excuse for not learning notation!

I tried as much as possible to make the tempo the same as the original, but if you want them faster or slower. I can change the for you - costs you a Euro! Likewise if you want notation for Bass or Drums. I can do them for you, costs you one Euro per part. Key change no problem. takes more time so 2 Euros per song.

Have fun, that's what it SHOULD be about, not trying to play exactly like someone else!